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Ultraviolet (UV) Inhibitor Stretch Film

We are fruitfully catering to the assorted demands of the customers by manufacturing Stretch Roll.

Ultraviolet (UV) Inhibitor Stretch Film

Ultraviolet Inhibitor is an additive which is used to the film to extend the life from getting fatigue from the UV light. This additive make film capable to reduce the UV effect mainly from direct sunlight. Capacity of UV Stretch Film depends upon the intensity of sunlight.

It must be noted here that if UV Stretch Film is used that does not mean that it will protect the cargo 100% from the UV Light. But it can reduce its effects upto certain extent. Due to partial saving capacity this is used where the UV protection treatment is costly but it is not a primary option to protect from UV Light.

This is ideal for products such as bagged cargo and other cargo which are stored in an outdoor area for extended periods of time.