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Color Stretch Film

Assisted by rich industrial experience and immense knowledge, we are able to manufacture Stretch Wrapping Film.

Color Stretch film are ordinary stretch film with having colors added. Colors are added with the use of master batch which are initially mixed with the raw plastic granules. A controlled process of mixing the granules and color (master batch ) is followed and final mixture is ready for feeding into the heat feeder for converting the granules into the film.

Once the film comes out a color meter checks the standard as per desired color and if all is good production continues if color do not match to desired color, mixing of color is done again.

By this way the color stretch film is produced. Color stretch film are generally made in wide color like

  1. black color Stretch film
  2. blue color stretch film
  3. red color stretch film

Generally colors are not limited but in special case upon quantity order on demand color stretch films are produced.