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Food Grade Stretch Film

Recently it is seen that many catering agency are using food grade stretch film of 18 micron for covering the food bowls during the outdoor catering. They cover the bowl after filling the food within and then wrap food grade stretch film on them which helps them to avoid dust and insects and other foreign body to get in the food. It is also good to keep food hot. Stretch Films produced from 100% food grade are good for such applications. The breathability of the film is almost zero so it keeps food and fruits fresh. Also seen that as it's food grade so it's totally harmless to eat food which is packed in it.  

Machine Based Stretch Film packing

There are automatic machines used by fruit exporters to wrap film on the packet to put them for selling on street or super markets. Same way caterers are using this to sell baked dish by wrapping stretch film on it.   To buy high quality food grade stretch film click here.