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Stretch Film for automotive

Stretch Film for automotive industry is a wide term. We can not limit the application of stretch film or wrap cast film or cling film in automotive industry. Automotive industry consists many area right from 2 wheelers to 4 wheelers and even beyond which comes under heavy vehicle category.


Stretch Film For 2 Wheelers

Every 2 wheeler have many parts. Right from the fiber body to the tyres to the rear mirror to the tale light. All these parts are produced with many vendors across the nation. When these parts are ordered they are shipped by the vendors with specific lots and  all lots are packed with Stretch Film or wrap film and are shipped to the respective automotive manufacturer brands. When they receive the parts they must receive it intact without any scratch on it and that is protected by extensive use of film. For example a petrol tank of a 2 wheel bike definitely needs a stretch film wrapping before it is packed in a box.

So overall it is an common need for every automotive business to use the wrap film or cling film. There are certain cases where they might need to use ultraviolet stretch film also.


Stretch Film for 4 wheelers

Almost every 4 wheeler manufacturer have same manufacturing pattern as 2 wheeler. like 2 wheelers 4 wheelers manufacturers also have big number of vendors and they all produce most of the parts and then ship to the plant for assembly. During the shipment they also need to cover them with stretch film or wrap film or cling film. For example parts like windshield, wipers, rear mirrors, interior parts like panel of speedometer, music system panel all these are taped with the film and they protects from scratch and other dusting.


Overall one can say automotive industry is already using a huge amount of  stretch wrap film/ cling film for their numerous applications. Apart from this if you still need to know more about its application contact us.