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Stretch Film for Hardware Furniture

Stretch film Hardware use

Hardware industry have wide range of products. It starts from door handles, aluminium channels, door locks, light fixtures, furniture fixtures and many more. All these products are now a days packed in the stretch film. Stretch film gives protection against collective damage. This cling film is wrapped across full hardware item in all possible manner in a way that the whole product gets fully isolated from atmosphere. Sometimes this packing helps in keeping parts oil intact during the shipping.


Wrap film also plays a major role in controlling corrosion on these hardware items. These hardware items are produced from metals like brass, copper and even stainless steel. Upon wrapping film on these items they control corrosion for long time. In many case it is seen that when the end users starts using the products at that time this stretch film is removed so it can be presumed that how better protection is available through this wrap film.


Overall it can be said that in today’s world of competition and quality stretch film plays an important role in protecting the hardware items until it reaches to the end user.


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